Wikipedia is a nice source of information, you can find almost any sort of information over it but its always recommended that you never ever use it as your main source of information on your research as its not accurate always.

All information on Wikipedia contains mainly text, sometime images whenever available, but don’t you think videos are more attractive and helps you to learn more? But finding related videos on video sharing websites is a heck.

But Wikitube is a nice solution as it adds related videos as per Wikipedia articles at the top of article (see screenshot).


For example I had searched for Hydropower and I got 4 related videos at its it top which explains me about it and how it works.

This extension works best on scientific pages, on other pages you might gets videos which might not be related as per topic.

Final Words on WikiTube:-

This is a good extension as it adds another dimension to Wikipedia which was missing on it from all the times.

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WikiTubeReviewed by Rahul Sharma on September 01 2013Rating: 4.5


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