Many of us use Bluetooth mainly for sharing music files, videos or images from one device to other, some of you might use it on apps too. But on Apple’s iDevices this features was not available yet until when they released iOS 6 Beta 4 this morning.

This come feature of sharing data with the help of Bluetooth was missing in iOS till now but with the release of iOS 6 beta 4. But till now its not clear what kind of data can be shared with Bluetooth but we believe that with it users will be able to connect other iOS devices.

It might be used to connect iPod Nano so that you can view text messages, answer calls, get weather information and so on. You might be able to link Bluetooth 4.0 devices too.

If you had iOS 6 Beta 4 then you can navigate to Setting -> Privacy -> Bluetooth Sharing and there you will see all apps those are using Bluetooth for data sharing.


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