Photos are good memories, and losing them is very heartbreaking, let say you had your brothers photos on your memory card and accidently you delete them all, isn’t that heartbreaking?

Well its until you find Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6, it’s a simple to use tool with very clean interface. When you launch this tool, you will have three options, Data Recovery, Resume Recovery or Create Image.


This app can scan your hard drive, USBs, memory cards, digital cameras, and external hard disks. if you anything about the image like its type then you can narrow down your search for better and fast results or your search could take long time.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery do allows you to save your search so that you can resume or continue later on. You can also create your image of your hard drive which will be saved in .IMG format, this will help you if bits of your hard drive got corrupted and allows you to recover images later on.

One thing which we didn’t liked is that, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery doesn’t allows you to repair in trail mode. This program do allows you to select single as well as multiple files for recovery.

Pros :-

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use,
  • Support almost all Video, Audio and image formats,
  • You can search by selecting range of your hard drive

Cons :-

  • Trial version does not repair files
  • Slow scanning
  • Limited filtering options

Best Buy Links :-

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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on December 14 2013

Rating: 4.0


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