Yu is all set to launch its next flagship device, the YUPHORIA which has got its name in crowd-sourcing on 12 May. But from a long time company is making buzz for this smartphone which is the successor of last year announced YU Yureka which is still selling in seconds in flash sale. Earlier Yu has took dig on companies like Xiaomi for not providing latest Android version on their smartphone’s.

YU Yureka Back Side

Now as company is all set to launch its next flagship device, company has started teasing for the device and released two videos which shows some of the features of this upcoming device. In first video company shows drop in a traditional manner and video shows a groudbreaking solid device as man tries to take an awkward selfie with his friend but he somehow drop the phone on tiled surface and in result tiled surface cracked down but phone remains as it is.

In second video company shows phone is pack with stereo-like surround sound speakers, or the Dolby Atmos technology a in video a man was listening song on headphone and suddenly he removes headphone and sound coming out of device was so effective that it blows the hair of a girl sitting next to him.

As of now we know that this upcoming Yu Yuphoria will have 5 inch FHD display, powered by 64Bit SoC; 2GB of RAM with 16GB onboard storage; will support Indian LTE bands and runs on CyanogenMod 12.


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