From past couple of years we had seen Indian government taking strict actions against apps who used to send data of Indian users to any other countries, mostly China, and due to this Indian Government has banned more than 100 apps including some popular apps like Camscanner, TikTok, WeChat and so on in India as they use to send data to China, even popular game, PUBG Mobile was banned in India and then company entered into Indian market with Indian version as BGMI which is again banned by government recently.

VLC Banned India

Now it seems Indian Government has soft banned popular media and streaming player, VLC in India, however neither Indian Government or VLC has said anything for it, but when you try to access website of VLC Media Player, either you get notice that this website is banned or you wont be access the site.

However, VLC website is working fine as we had accessed it over VPN, but when you try to access it with any Indian ISP like Airtel, ACT or Excitel, you wont be allowed, but you can download and install VLC on Android and iOS.

VLC is not Chinese app, it is developed by France base VideoLAN Organization, but recently we had seen China-backed hacker group, Cicada has used VLC player for cyber attacks. This could be the reason for this soft ban of this media player in India.

If you like to download VLC then either you can use VPN service or you can navigate to DigitalTrend website.

Dow share what is your thoughts or what you think on this ban of one of the most popular and widely used media player in the comments section below.


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