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[How To] Enable WhatsApp Web on iOS Devices

Earlier this year, one of the most widely used messaging, the WhatsApp has announced one of most awaited feature, the WhatsApp web which lets you view and send WhatsApp messages from your computer by using a web browser. At that time company has announced this feature only for Android users and said that WhatsApp Web

[How To] Enable WhatsApp Calling on iOS [Jailbreak]

WhatsApp calling is already available for bunch of Android users and they are making most of it, including me, who make WhatsApp call to discuss even small things with friends. At the time when Android users are enjoying this service, iOS and Windows Phone users are still waiting for some good news from WhatsApp Inc.

Transfer Contacts Between iOS, Android And Windows Phone With PhoneSwappr

iOS, Android and Windows Phone are the three major platform which you find nowadays in market and most of us usually changes our smartphone very frequently, one problem which you must face while shifting from one device to another is that these platform’s does not comes with an out of the box way to transfer

New Year Resolution Apps Which Helps You To Reach Your Goals

Its a new year and if you are planning or already had planned for some resolution then these apps will help you to stick to them and hit your goal.

Opera Coast 4.0 is now available for iOS Devices

First Opera Software introduced Opera Mini web browser, used by 250 million people worldwide, which is best known for the data compression technology and now Opera Software brings that compression technology to next level with Opera Coast. Opera Turbo shrinks the pages you visit to a fraction of their original size. With fewer megabytes to download,

12 Killer Features of iOS 8

Yesterday Apple has announced iOS 8 which comes with lots of new features which will enhance user experience and it will improve some of the current features of iOS. At present iOS is being used by more than 800 Millions users across iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s. iOS 8 is supported on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbroken, But Not Yet Released

With the release of latest version of iOS, the iOS 7.1.1, Apple has tried to fix all bugs and security holes in iOS and made its mobile OS more secured. But now hackers has managed to crack iOS 7.1.1. Stefan Esser aka i0n1c and winocm have revealed that they had managed to jailbreak latest iOS 7.1.1. I just leave

Top iOS 7 Battery Saving Tips

Earlier this month Apple has released update for its iPhone, iPad and iPod user by launching iOS 7 which brings many changes and new interface and lots of new features, but some iOS 7 users are complaining about battery draining, which I too feels sometime. If you too using iOS 7 and facing battery draining

BlackBerry Messenger Beta For iOS And Android Now Available

Earlier today there weer news that BlackBerry Messenger has been leaked and found on some devices but now as per reports that Canadian company has sent invitation to selected BlackBerry developers and made BBM for iOS and Android available to them. App is available in BlackBerry Beta Zone and developers who had got email are

Disable Auto Play Of Instagram Videos

Recently both Instagram and Twitter (Vine) has launched there own video service which allows you to record and share short videos, Creating videos is very simple and you can share them on your timeline like you share images earlier. But in Instagram when you open up your profile and if your friends has shared videos