Let me ask you a simple question, Which browser you use to surf the internet ?

The answer of many will be Internet Explorer some will say Mozilla Firefox some will go with Google Chrome Or Opera Or Safari.

But all these browsers offers almost same service the only difference in these is that some of them are fast and some support latest web interface.

We had already reviewed Lunascape which is a mixture of IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome

But in the world of Social Networking we all want to get connected with our friends on Facebook Or Twitter.But these browser do nothing to get connected with networking sites.

RockMelt, a brand new browser which I thing is built to get you connected every time with your friends.

RockMelt is developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria and backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and it works on Chromium- based technology.

At first you will see it as Google Chrome but the main different in it is that it get you connected with your social media.

Once you open it for first time it will ask your Facebook information so that you may get connected.


After login it will ask for permission just allow it.


Now at the main window of the browser you will get following page.


Now if you carefully see you will find that your Facebook friends are at left side as active with green dots, orange for idle online buddies and grey for offline buddies.


You will get update if you hover cursor over the friends,If you wanna chat with any friend then just click on its pic.


You can even update your status in Facebook Or Twitter(first you need o add your twitter account),for this just click on your pic on the left side pane.


It supports a neat and clean search,Once you type your query in it,It shows result in a nice a manner.


Suppose you are on a webpage and you wanna share that page with your friends then in that case just press the Share button just next to the address bar.


As we had already told you that it works on Chromium so will get the menu much like to it.


That’s it on the left side pane now come to right side pane,Here you will find all shortcuts to the news feeds, and the invites lefts with you.

You will find Facebook and twitter news feeds as default and you can add your also for that just click on the Add Feed button (the last on) and click on Enter URL and enter the URL of the site.


Currently RockMelt is in preview mode and you need an Invitation to download and use it.To get invitation just visit RockeMelt Home Page and use your Facebook id to het invitation.You will get invitation on the average of 5 days.


GoTo RockMelt Home Page


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