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Norton Security Premium Review

Symantec is always known for making the top of the line security products, last year we had seen around nine security suites from the company, but this year it seems company doesn’t want to focus on a number of products but rather want to look into the security thing. The company has announced three variants

Symantec Announced Norton Security Service for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android

Norton has lots of security suits in its line up like Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, which they were offering to the customers, this not only gives choice to customer but it also confuse them and its also hard for company to manage all those product, now company wants to simplify its product line

Eset Smart Security 8 Review

Every second day you might hear about data being compromised or accounts being hacked. Nothing is worst than loosing your important and to make sure this is not going to happen, you have to make sure that you are using a top class security program which not only protects your data but also protects your

Norton 360 Multi Device Review

Security of your data is must be at top on your list, but as nowadays we owned multiple device like PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone, so we need to assure that we are protected at all levels across all devices and for this Norton 360 Multi-Device is a best example. This security suite comes with

BitDefender Total Security 2015 Review

BitDefender Total Security 2015 comes with more powerful and improved features which can protect your PC from both offline and online threats.

Protect WordPress Login Page with Htaccess

If you keep track on online news then you must know that in recent times there were many attacks on WordPress powered blogs and most of them are through either Brute Force Attack or from Dictionary Attack. Some servers block malicious activities and block Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack and block that IP address some a

Boing Black Smartphone Can Self destruct Itself If Tempared

Airplane maker Boing has entered into a new segment and unveiled its own smartphone. The main USP of this phone is that its full of security features and one of them is that if anyone tried to tamper with phone it can self destruct itself, isn’t it sounds like James Bond movie, but yes Boeing has

Scan Open Firewall Ports With Free Port Scanner

Home users are the easiest target for hackers or trespassers, and if you are using DSL or broadband connection then you are on hit list as hackers find it easy to crack unsecured connections, you must be storing some personal or secure files which if hackers gain access then they can get benefit from it.

Create Encrypted Messages Which can be Decrypted By Combining Shares

Let say you want share a message with your friends or family member and want that message can be read only when all of them are available. This could be old movie scene where a safe can be opened only when two peoples are available with there keys. Secret Sharp does the same but it

Recover Saved Social Media Passwords With Social Password Decryptor

Lots of time we tends to save passwords for our social media accounts on our browser and whenever we visit that site we just click on login button as pour credentials are automatically filed up. But problem arise when we change browser or clean or system. Then you might try to recover your password with