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BitDefender Total Security 2015 Review

BitDefender Total Security 2015 comes with more powerful and improved features which can protect your PC from both offline and online threats.
Protect Your Wordpress Login Page

Protect WordPress Login Page with Htaccess

If you keep track on online news then you must know that in recent times there were many attacks on WordPress powered blogs and most of them are through either Brute...

Boing Black Smartphone Can Self destruct Itself If Tempared

Airplane maker Boing has entered into a new segment and unveiled its own smartphone. The main USP of this phone is that its full of security features and one of them...

Scan Open Firewall Ports With Free Port Scanner

Home users are the easiest target for hackers or trespassers, and if you are using DSL or broadband connection then you are on hit list as hackers find it easy to...

Create Encrypted Messages Which can be Decrypted By Combining Shares

Let say you want share a message with your friends or family member and want that message can be read only when all of them are available. This could be old...

Recover Saved Social Media Passwords With Social Password Decryptor

Lots of time we tends to save passwords for our social media accounts on our browser and whenever we visit that site we just click on login button as pour credentials...

Analyze PC Issues With Webroot System Analyzer

Many times we run into some of pc issue like its not responding properly, crashing on regular interval or it has become very slow.You might not notice many issue unless you...

[Review] BitDefender Internet Security 2014

Having a good security suite is must for all of us, day by day threats on internet are increasing and we must need to protect our data and system from them....

Password Potect Your WhatsApp With WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp is like everything nowadays for most of us, we use it to get connected with our friends and colleagues. WhatsApp is super easy to use and most important thing is...

Extarct WiFi Key Of Connected Network [Via Command Line]

Many times you need to know the password or network key of the WiFi network with which you are connected, we had already shared a freeware app with you which allows...