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Minitool Power Data Recovery Review

It happen lots of time when you delete a folder and then you realize that folder has some important data and there is now way to go back. Recently I had accidentally deleted some pictures of me and my girlfriend from one of my laptop. I was sure that if she came to know that I

MP3Tag Allows You To Edit Metadata And Tags Of Audio Files

Many times we download some songs from Internet or you might receive a audio from your friend and those songs have some missing metadata and tags like improper title, missing thumbnails and so on. When you play those audio they show incorrect data, and it become very hard to manage songs with improper tags and if

Test Your Local Area Network Speed with LAN Speed Test

Many times we usually test our internet speed to check whether we are getting appropriate speed or not, for this you can download and use several freeware’s or to make it more simple you can use online services like Speedtest,net or XFINITY Speed Test but when it comes to check your LAN/ Network speed, Hard Drive

Clean And Optimize Windows PC With Clean Master

If you are using or used Android smartphone then you must have used or at least heard about an app, Clean Master which clean your Android smartphone by removing all junk files from it so that you will have a optimized and faster device. The same software is now available for PC as well and

AOMEI Backupper Standard Review

Taking backup of your files and folders are very much important, if anything goes wrong with your system then you will be in big trouble, and taking backup is not the only thing, we need to take backups regularly so that we have latest files on which we were working. AOMEI Backupper Standard Review Today

DroidCam Convert Android Phone To Windows PC Webcam

Making video calls over internet is normal for almost all internet users, there are lots of software or services available which allows you to make either video or audio calls over internet like Skype or Google, but if you are not making video calls to your friends because you dont have a webcam then DriodCam

View And Export All Skype Contacts

Skype is one of the few program which almost everyone knows about and had probably used at least one time in his lifetime. Skype offers a good user interface and allows you to make video or voice calls to other Skype members for free or at nominal fee you can make calls to any number

4K Stogram Allows You To Download Instagram Images And Videos

Instagram is one of the popular mobile application available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users which allows you to share your images by implementing some extra effects on them, due to this feature many celebs like Eminem and some big brands has adopted it. You can follow your favorite celebrity or any brand to

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition Review

Your computer’s hard drive is a main component, if you lose it then all your data will be lost, so you need to manage your hard drive very carefully. When it comes to making partition in your computer it seems to be a big task, Windows comes with a build in Disk Partition Manager which

WPS Office, A Nice Alternative To MS Office

MS Office is a bulky and expansive office suite, if you want a simple and free solution which can handle your daily work then WPS Office is a nice alternative.