Finally Opera team has released the final version of Opera 10.51 aka Swordfish, this version comes with several bugs fixes and stability fixes.

One of the biggest feature that is added in this version is that now it support fullscreen for Mac OS X.

Opera 10.51

Windows Changelog :-

User interface

  • Extension manager utlizes too much CPU
  • Opera Turbo button lost on upgrade if the Status Bar was modified
  • Crash when dragging a button from the Appearance dialog onto the Tab Bar
  • Suggested extensions disappear after second click in [+] window in Speed Dial
  • Extensions are launched even if set not to do so
  • Impossible to manually resize Speed Dial if custom number of columns is set
  • Installed extensions are not filtered out from the suggestions
  • Selecting search suggestion using keyboard is difficult because the first search engine is focused by default
  • Opera Link settings always shows Speed Dial Sync status from Opera startup value
  • Crashes on cancelling Speed Dial add dialog after clicking the add button twice
  • Opera Unite home service is removed from widgets.dat on disabling webserver in preferences
  • Opera crashed when clicking on the + sign in Speed Dial
  • Stability improvements
  • Some languages spelled with small initial letter in international installer
  • Cancelling uninstall triggers Windows compatibility assistant
  • The text for agreeing to Opera’s Terms of service seems to jumps if you click “Terms of Service” and then back again.
  • Crash during installation
  • Wrong registry setting, after setting Opera as the default browser

Display and scripting

  • Error in parsing Content-Disposition extension parameters
  • Option elements within data lists shouldn’t require value attributes
  • Stability improvements

Mail, news, chat

  • Crash on marking e-mail messages as ‘Not Spam’
  • Mail in IMAP sent folder not marked as sent
  • Crash on opening label properties with feeds only


  • ‘Long’ OCSP/AIA/CRL requests might cause handshake failures if the TLS server cuts the connection


  • Fixed an issue that could allow unsecured web content to appear secure, as reported by Roland Reck;
  • Fixed a low severity issue,



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