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Recover Saved Social Media Passwords With Social Password Decryptor

Lots of time we tends to save passwords for our social media accounts on our browser and whenever we visit that site we just click on login button as pour credentials are automatically filed up. But problem arise when we change browser or clean or system. Then you might try to recover your password with

Send Auto Destructive Tweets

Suppose you are having a coupon code for an online shopping website which is going to expire in next 5 hrs and if tweet that code so that your followers can also get benefits but your coupon code is going to sit on your timeline and if any follower check it next day then he

Twitter For Windows Phone Allows You To Translate Tweets

Twitter has updated its app for Windows Phone platform and now this new version allows you to translate your tweets too. This micro blogging site allows you to send tweets in multiple language and now Windows Phone users will be able to translate them too. Users will be able to translate tweets to Deutsch, English, Spanish,

Now Create 1000 Lists and Add Upto 5000 Users On Twitter

Back in 2009 when Twitter announced its list feature then it become very useful as it allows you to keep track of all information from a single page. Earlier you can only create 20 lists and add upto 500 peoples in it. Now Twitter has announced an update to its lists feature and now you

Twitter Announced #Music App For iOS

Today Twitter has announced its new app for its #music service on iOS platform. This service will track the music activity on Twitter, it will be very helpful for new and emerging artist to show up their music’s. This app will help you to find the musician who are already on Twitter and you can

Twitter April Fool Day Prank, Introduced Twttr And Will Charge $5 From Twitter Users

As Google played April Fool Day prank with its users Twitter has also played prank and they had announced that they are going to shift to two-tired system in which they will introduce new service Twttr which will be free and Twitter will be chargeable at the rate of $5. On Twttr users can only use  consonants and

Twitter Introduced Header Image, Just Like Facebook Cover Photo

Face we had used cover photos on Facebook and Google Plus, Now Twitter too had introduced similar of its kind called Header Photo.

[How To] Revoke Third Party Access To Your Google, Facebook and Twitter Account

As you use your online service you might have installed many apps on them, its good option to remove or revoke access of those apps from your account.

Update Twitter Via Google+ [No Extension Required]

Yesterday I had told you how to update how can you update your Facebook Status via Google+ Update Facebook Status Via Google+ [No Extension Required] Now its time for Twitter, like Facebook Twitter does not provide email update service, but we can use TwiiterMail service which allows you to send tweets via email. So here

Now Twitter Allows HTTPS Connection By Default

We had already told you that HTTPS connection is more secured, and we had also told you how to activate it on Gmail and use on Facebook And Twitter. But requires you to type HTTPS manually in address bar, but now Twitter is allowing you to use HTTPS connection permanently. To turn on HTTPS, go