Google Chrome is one of those browser which had succeeded to snatch the market share from IE and Firefox.

After its launch Chrome team has made different kind of changes in it and made faster.They had also introduced extentions and themes which make it more useful.

There are lots of themes which you can install but if you wanna make your own theme then here is a way.

ChromeTheme.Net allows you to create your own Chrome custom theme.In this tutorial I will tell you how to do so.

  • Open ChromeTheme.Net and click on CREATE CHROME THEME ONLINE,
  • Now on the next page first specify any name for you theme,


  • Now click on Image tab, now here you can upload different images for different places like Frame, Toolbar etc,


  • Now click on Colors tab and chose the color which you like,To chose color just click on the color code on right side and it show all colors just click on the color which you want.


  • Now click on Tint tab.Tint elements change the hue, saturation and lightness of images.For more info about it Visit This Page,
  • Finally click on Pack tab,you will get two options,It allows you to Pack and Download theme Or you can Pack and Install it


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