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We had already told you that Facebook Will Start Its Own Email Service,Now its officially announced that Facebook will soon start rolling out this.

But before you start using this service you need to know what service will facebook start and how it will work.

First know that that Facebook is not start nay email service which will provide Inbox to you but it will provide Social Inbox.

Currently we all use Message to share information with friends who are in Facebook but after this service you will be able to send Message to anyone.You will get a email address like [email protected],

You will get all talks at one place :- Currently if you mail anyone and if he reply after some time then you need to see the previous message you had send but here in Facebook you will get all conversation at on page like a thread so don’t need to go anywhere,

No Spam Folder :- Here you will get 3 folders, in 1st folder you will get message from your facebook friends, in 2nd folder you will get message from those whom you like in Facebook and 3rd for all other address if you like any address in this folder then it will be connected with 1st folder.

Facebook will also support IMAP means you can fetch your mails using any email client

As we had already old you that it is an rolled out process and you need to be Invited to use this service.


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