During the Google I/O, Google has announced Android 3.1 update for Honeycomb tablets, Verizon users will be able to this update within a week or sooner.


Android 3.1 will bring resizable home screen widgets, , Flash Player 10.2, UI refinements, Connectivity for USB accessories, USB host API etc.

If you also using Motorola XOOM and cant wait for the update to be rolled out then you can use below guide to update your XOOM to Android 3.1 :-

  • Download Android 3.1 from HERE,
  • Now run the following command in Android adb

adb push <zip name> /sdcard/update.zip

adb shell


cd /cache

mkdir recovery #it may already exist

cd recovery

echo ‘–update_package=CACHE:/recovery/update.zip’ > command

cat /sdcard/update.zip > update.zip

reboot recovery

  • Now restart your XOOM and enjoy Android 3.1

Note :- You must have rooted XOOM.

Thanks to Koushik for sharing this….


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