OnePlus 6T is one of the most awaited device of the year and at the same time it is one of the most leaked device as well. It comes with almost the same specs which we has seen on its predecessor, OnePlus 6 with little bit improvement in design like smaller notch and in-display finger print sensor. Smaller notch is something which everyone wants, even if there is no notch then it will look more beautiful but due to limitation in technology, this is something we have to wait and look for it. But on smaller notch we have  give up something, and on OnePlus 6T it has notification LED which is no more there.

No LED App

If you are a fan of notification LED and you rely on it for your notifications like I do, then you may want to bring it back to your device.

And here is a good news for you, there is a simple way to bring your notification led back to OnePlus 6T, or you can use this method on any AMOLED screen. There is a free app, NoLED on PlayStore which you can download and make it work.

No LED App Settings

If you want to bring your Notification LED back then just head over to Google Play Store and search for NoLED app, download and install it.

Once installed, just launch it and you will be greeted with message that its an old app, just ignore it, and now you can configure it, you can set custom colors for each notification.

And that’s it, now you will get custom notifications on your display, I had used it and I found it more useful that always-on display as you can customize the color of notification.

If you are a fan of notification led and looking to buy OnePlus 6T then here is a simple workaround which you can use.


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