BitDefender is one of those company that always tries to deliver special and customized products to its customer, Bitdefender has now released security pack for Windows 8. According to BitDefender this security pack not only supports Windows 8 but it is specially designed for Windows 8.

This is worlds first third party security pack specially designed for Windows 8. It can protect your privacy, bank accounts, online transactions. BitDefender Windows 8 security pack fully integrates with Windows Security Center.

At first look you will find that it has metro look which gives feeling that it is specially build for Windows 8.

Auto Pilot mode allows you to get full protection from it without doing anything, it ensures that it delivers protection to you. SafePay Mode opens your banks or any other transaction website in BitDefener secure browser.

The main thing in this security pack is that this not only protects you from online threats or from desktop based threats, it has feature to scan your apps downloaded from Windows Store. It also adds a security layer to your pc and it will detect any malware before it loads and spread on your pc.

Some other features are almost same which you had seen in its earlier versions too like Real time protection will protect you from threats, Spam filter will scan and look into your inbox, it has its own firewall which will safeguard you from network attacks.

You can find it on your Windows Store, just search for “Windows 8 security” or “Bitdefender Windows 8 security” or visit BitDefender website to get one copy.

TA Rating :- 4/5


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