It seems Nokia is ready to jump into hardware business again. This is major step from company after it has sold its most of the business to software giant Microsoft. In a latest tweet Nokia has teased for new product line which they promise to be launch today. In tweet they had teased with a black-box which gives resemblance to Apple TV, so it could be a set-up box from Nokia.


As company hasnt reveled exact name of the product but they did hint that its a new product line from the company, so at this time we can only estimate what it could be. We are not sure whether the black box appear in tweet is a product or its a product box.

Earlier there were some rumors that Nokia is planning to come again in smartphone market but recently Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri has denied all these reports. So at this time we can say that this black box doesn’t contain any smartphone.

We are eyeing on this story, so stay tuned with us to get latest news on it. If you have to say something or wanna share your views on Nokia’s move then please use comment section below.


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