Most of us use our SIM card internet on our mobile phone or tablets but some times you might not get good connectivity or you are running out of data pack and you have to send an important email then what you will do? Well if you have a 3G Modem or Data card/dongle then you can use its internet connection on your Android device.

Connect 3G Modem To Android Device

What you need ?

  • A rooted Android device,
  • PPP Widget 2
  • OTG USB Cable
  • Internet Modem with a SIM Providing internet connection
  • APN and other credentials provided by your ISP

Once you had above mention things you are ready to go, first download and install PPP Widget 2 on your rooted android device and place it on your home screen for easy access.

3G Modem Connect Android

Now connect your 3G modem to phone via OTG Cable and grant root permission, in few seconds it will recognize your modem, first you need to configure your modem with your APN and other credentials. Once done click on Connect and within few seconds you will be connected to internet.



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