Edimax Technology is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of smart networking solutions. It is one the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication products. Edimax has got a very vast product portfolio which can easily fulfils the needs of any networking and IP surveillance architecture or application requirements. Recently we got an opportunity to know Mr Sanjay Joshi  Country Manager at Edimax Technology and what are the plans of Edimax for future.

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Q1. How was the year 2015 for your company?

Overall, 2015 was a very good year for Edimax, we have introduced wide range of SMB & Enterprise products – Edimax PRO to the market and we are receiving good response from partners. Regarding consumer products, we are expanding our reach to South India and appointing new partners in South. We have even added toll-free number with door step RMA service as well. Overall 2015 was a very positive year for Edimax.

Q2. What are your big plans for the year ahead?

Our future plan is to penetrate Edimax to PAN India covering untapped channels and regions. We are creating new verticals of business, SoHo/consumer range of products will be focused through Online & IT retail channel wherein solution vertical will be catered through VAR & SI partners. This year, we are focusing on EDIMAX PRO and start generating revenue by following value based solution business model. We are also introducing niche product line into Indian market which will include smart life, IOT and BYOD Solution requirements. Strategically, 11AC Enterprise & SoHo product portfolio will be the main growth trajectory for us in coming years.

Q3. What are Edimax technology plans with regard to the Indian market at present?

There is huge vacuum and potential to grow business in Indian market, we are in process of adding some more VADs, partners for Edimax Pro to strengthen our network in traditional as well as ecommerce business. Year 2016, we will add more investment adding new headcounts, participating exhibitions and partner activity, training, seminars and certification program, will result into overall business growth of the company. We have added New TOLL FREE with door step RMA services offering for SoHo/consumer product portfolio which will create confidence among IT retail partner and end customers.

Q4. How stiff is the competition at present?

Competition is there in the market and it’s nice to have competition in the market as when we have competition, we try to improve our product, service and try to do something out of the box which allows us to tap untouched market and offer something more to the consumers. At present, competition is healthy in the market which makes us innovate something new.

Q5. What’s the market size you are aiming to address and what are the target segments?

At the moment, we are already present in almost all segment of the market and we are continuously expanding our reach. This year we will try to reach north east market as it’s one of the untouched markets, we had marked it on our roadmap and you will see our good presence over there very soon. Our main target segment is business series which is followed by SME, we are also focusing more and more on other segments to increase our reach & explore new verticals.

Q6. Are there any new initiatives that Edimax technology has undertaken at present for the Channel?

We believe in channel education and empowerment. In recent years, we had successfully carried out programs for channel and partners educations, in future we have plan for adding more investment specifically for channel segment. Partners can expect value based active programs from Edimax and together we anticipate overall business growth of the company.

Q7. What is your focus when we talk about the tier 2, 3 markets? How much of that market have you been able to tap?

We have initiated programs to create awareness among Tier 2 & Tier 3 markets apart from tier 1 city to ensure such products are promoted to retailers in the respective region. We are able to cover almost every segment of market, and many thanks to our distributors who are helping us to reach far corners of the country.

Q8. How do you look at the on-going Digital India and Make in India initiatives by the government? Is there any role that is being played by your organization today?

Both Digital India and Make in India are very important and nice initiatives which government has announced, where Digital India allows us to move toward digital world which will set a new foot print and allows India to go shoulder and shoulder with the world, and Make In India will allows companies to come and set up business in India which not only make India as business hub, but also generate employments for Indian. Edimax welcomes both initiatives.


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