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Drag And Drop Files Or Folder To Command Line To Get Full Path

Yesterday night I was installing some patches and apps on my machine, in one step I was required to navigate to a certain folder via command line, typing full path of that file is not easy, I know you can copy paste path its also not so worth. What if you can just drag and

Windows Not Allowing To Extend Partition Size

You can create, delete, shrink or extend your disk without installing any softwares in Windows, but sometime Windows wont let you extend your disk, know why and how to solve it.

Windows 8 Like Alternative Start Screen For Windows XP, Vista And 7 With mStartEX

Windows 8 comes with new live tiles like Start Menu or Start Screen, you can such start menu on your Windows XP, Vista, and 7

Windows 8 Release Preview Cursor Set For Windows XP, Vista and 7

Windows 8 Release Preview comes with a new cursor set, If you too loving it then you can download it and start using it on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows 8 Like Task Manager In Windows XP, Vista and 7

Windows 8 comes with a minimal metro style Windows Task Manager, you can get same on your Windows XP, Windows Vista or on Windows 7

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows XP, Windows Vista And Windows 7

Download a single transformation pack which will transform your Windows in to Windows 8 and you will get new look on your same machine.

“SFunKey” An Fn Key Replacer

Almost all Laptops, Netbook, and Notebooks comes with a Fn key which allows you to access some important function but you need to press 2 keys to access that function, Here is a tool which disable that Fn key.

Get Windows 8 Like WinX Menu In Windows XP, Windows Vista And Windows 7

Now get Windows 8 like WinX menu on your Windows 7, Windows Vista Or Windows XP machine by just using a simple portable utility.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Like Boot Screen In Windows XP

Get Windows 8 Consumer Preview like Betta Fish Boot Screen in your Windows XP (TuneUp Utilities Required)

Get Windows 8 Like Start Screen In Windows XP, Vista And 7

As you know Microsoft upcoming OS Windows 8 is coming very soon, it comes with lots of new features and one of the feature is Start Screen. As Microsoft has introduced live tiles in Windows Phone 7 concept they had continued it on Windows 8, on Start Screen you will find live tiles too. Now