Opera team has released the beta version of its upcoming Opera 11.50 Beta aka Swordfish.

There are several new things in the beta like Speed Dial extensions, password synchronization through Opera Link, and the Opera Next development channel which allows you to keep your main Opera installation and your test installation separate.

There are also numerous other smaller and bigger fixes and enhancements, such as holding down Ctrl when clicking a link to open it in the background, tab handling improvements (that among other things allow you to stack tabs in the Windows panel), and so on.

In addition to all these (and more) desktop fixes and enhancement, Presto has received an upgrade as well. Not only are there numerous bug fixes, but our Core team has implemented a number of new HTML5 features, improved SVG performance, tweaked the memory usage of the EcmaScript cache, and more.

You may use following link to download this beta version :-

Download Link