If you have your own website or closely follow online trends then you must know that nowadays most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, yes we at TechnoArea also getting most of the traffic from mobile users which clearly tells how important mobile devices are and users are spending most of their time on them. Earlier mobile phones where used to make calls only, but now you can do anything like social media, chatting, watching movies and purchasing stuffs as well.


This clearly shows that if you have your presence on mobile then its clearly a benefit for you and with this you can reach more and more customers in short period of time, so its important to make sure you or your website should target toward mobile users as well.

But its not easy to make mobile apps, for this either you need to know hard core coding or you need to hire developers which will ultimately cost you a lot. What if I tell you that you can get fully functional mobile app for iOS and Android for just Rs. 50,000 and there are lots of things which comes pre-bundled in it.


Instappy.com is a built for success cloud based DIY platform which makes it simple for everyone to create instant, affordable, intuitive, and stunning, professional mobile applications with Unlimited customization, unlimited updates, and no coding skills needed to get your business online on mobile.

With Instappy you will get an app with Fully functional built-in CMS for unlimited updates, over 46 Rich media and social API’s, Reliable data backup, secure cloud hosting, Unlimited customization options, Native utility features, Built-in system for offers and deals, Push notifications in app, real time analytics, 157 other features, and a fully Google indexed app, and what is more interesting is that you will get free payment gateway as well.

There are lots of theme available on the basis of your category like Automotive, grocery, home, blogs, hotels and much more, and you can build apps on them.

No matter what business you have, whether you own an export house, a niche fashion boutique, a superstore, or an exotic pet shop, your mobile commerce store, Instappy surely allows you to build your mobile presence and you can make your app in minutes and publish it on Google or App Store.


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