Todays Google has released an update for its Maps app, This update comes with an very nice feature and its Public Transit. With this feature you will be able to get schedules of public transits in over 500 cities like Tokyo, New York, London, Sydney and so on.

Indian users will also be able to use this feature as they are going to see timing of Delhi Metro, Bangalore MTS, Chennai MRTS and Kolkata Metro, no support for Mumbai local yet.

With this update users will be able to find routes and timing of over 1 million stations. This update is only available on Android devices. But did said that iOS update is on the way and very soon will be launched but when no one knows.

You can get information on a single public transit like metros, buses trains or so on. This make your search fast and less cluttered. There is also an highlighting feature which allows you to highlight the boundaries of a region for which you make search.

Google has released this update just before the launch of iOS 6 which will include Apple’s own navigation map system and Apple will remove Google Maps from it.


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