Keeping your system up to date is very much important and necessary as there are lots of threats available. You can keep your system up to date by turning on your systems Automatic Updates which lets your system to download and install updates by its own.

But is you have multiple computers then it might be a problem as same updates will be downloaded across multiple computers and it uses your internet to download same file. Windows Hotfix Downloader is a freeware and portable tool which lets you manually download updates so that you can also burn them to DVD so that it can be installed on other computers also.


The interface of this tool is very minimal, all you need to do is add your OS version and Ms Office version and within few minutes it will show all available updates of your selected versions.

This app supports updates for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, MS Office 2013, and MS Office 2010. It will download General Updates, Hotfixes, Security Updates, Additional Updates and Extra Updates for your operating system.

It shows all updates in a list format but it doesn’t means you have to download all updates, you will always has the option to select your desired updates and uncheck those which you don’t want to install.

When you hover your mouse over update it will show a short description about the update which can help you to decide whether to download this particular update or not.

You can download this app from HERE.


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