Many times we attach USB drive to computer and try to eject it then we have to click on Safely Remove Hardware icon placed on system tray, if any of the file placed on USB is open or is in use then you will get error and doesn’t allow you to eject USB and then you have to wait to end operation or close file.


If you frequently attach and detach USB then having a keyboard shortcut to eject USB will be a life saving for you.

USB Disk Ejector

USB Disk Ejector allows you to eject USB drive with just a keyboard shortcut key or with just a mouse click.


With USB Disk Ejector “Safely remove hardware” process is shorten and can be done with just a single Hotkey or a single mouse click.  Its an portable app and it can run from USB drive, and you can run it without any admin right. It just weight 1MB and comes in a zipped file.


When you press hotkey for USB Disk Ejector then it will try to close all running program from USB and eject it safely. USB Disk Ejector ensures that USB is safely removed and that’s why all programs are completely closed before ejecting.


User interface of program is very minimal which shows connected USB drives to the system, as being a portable app you just need to click it to launch. It offers different settings for configuring the positioning and ejection for USB.


You can configure hotkeys which helps you disconnecting the USB drive, you can configure the Hotkeys for bring the app to the front, eject a drive by drive label, by drive letter, by mount-point and by drive name.

Final Words

USB Disk Ejector is a portable and useful app which lets you eject USB with just a hotkey or mouse click. It closes all files before safely removing USB from your PC. It can work with USB disks, memory cards, flash drives and Firewire disks. It worked on all versions of Windows, we had tested it on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.



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