All of you are familiar with tab feature provided in your web browser by which you may open multiple sites in one browser.

Did you worked on multiple MS Office documents??? It will open each tab separately which cover space on your taskbar.But what if you would get tab feature in Ms Office like we have in browsers.By default there is no tab feature in Ms Office but by using a small add-in it can be enabled.

Microsoft Word Addin Tabs is a small add-in which enable tab feature in your Ms Office.

Word Addin Tabs realizes most of the functions of “IE Tabs” in Microsoft office 2007 or Microsoft office 2010 Word
If you want to close the “Word Addin Tabs”, just click the “Add-ins” tab in the Word Ribbon, choose the DocTabs group, click the “Tabs” button, and then the “Word Addin Tabs” function will be disabled.

By using the Word Addin Tabs, you can not only click “X” to close the document, but also right click the related tab of the document, and close it through the pull-down menu.


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