This is the second part of our series to make your Windows Super Fast,Earlier we had told

How To Make Windows Xp Super Fast

Today we are going to tell you how to make your Windows Vista Super Fast:-

  • Uninstall Program Which You Never Use :- If you had purchase a new computer then its possible that manufacture had installed some program which you never use,Then just delete those programs
  • Limit The StartUp of Programs :- As you know there are many programs which starts as the Windows Starts,because when you install those programs they makes a startup entry to load at the Windows Startup.To stop those program from startup type msconfig in run command and then click on Startup tab and uncheck unnecessary prgrams and save it.
  • Now open Sounds from Control Panel and click Sounds Tab and select No Sound in Sounds Scheme because the ting ding of startup consume huge memory.
  • Disabling Unnecessary Visual Effects :-

    a) Right click on My Computer and select Properties,
    b) Click on Advance tab and then click Setting under Performance,
    c) Now in Performance Option window uncheck the following :-

    i) Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
    ii)Fade or slide menus into view
    iii) Fade or slide ToolTips into view
    iv)Show shadows under menus
    v) Show shadows under mouse pointer
    vi) Show translucent selection rectangle
    vii) Slide open combo boxes
    viii) Slide taskbar button
    ix) Smooth-scroll list boxe
    x) Use a background image for each folder type
    xi) Use common tasks in folders

  • Remove Unused Fonts:- As you know Windows has so many Fonts installed but few of them are used by you so remove the unnecessary fonts Or backup them (Copy them to a folder like D:Fonts BackUp).You can delete fonts by:-

    a) Open Control Panel,
    b) Now Click on Fonts Delete/Uninstall the fonts which you don’t use.

  • Open My Computer

    a) Click on Tools menu
    b) Click on Folder Options
    c) Click on the View tab.
    d) Uncheck the Display file size information in folder tips, Display simple folder view in Navigation pane, Hide extensions for known file types, Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color, Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items,
    e) Click Apply
    f) Click Ok

  • Configure Windows Services :- Click on the Start Menu and go to Accessories > Run. Type services.msc and hit enter, you can disable services here that are not necessary.
  • Clean your registry using any freeware application like CCleaner.
  • Clean your temporary files you may use CCleaner to clean temporary files.
  • Use the latest drivers,
  • Always Defragment your Hard Disk at regular interval.
  • And at last always Turn On Windows Update


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