We had share many useful tricks for context menu now we are here with another useful context menu trick.After this trick you will be able to delete files from your Recycle Bin right from your Context Menu.

As it happen many times that you delete files/folder then you have to navigate to Recycle Bin to permanently delete those files,but from now you can delete files just from your context menu.See following Screenshot:-

All you have to do is just download registry files from belows link, after downloading you will get a zip file, extract files from it, then you will Add_Empty_Recycle_Bin_top_Desktop_Context_Menu.Reg file just install it

It will ask for confirmation just confirm it and now check you will get a new entry on your Context Menu.

We had also included  Remove_Empty_Recycle_Bin_top_Desktop_Context_Menu.Reg so that if in future you want to remove that entry just install this one and confirm it



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