In Windows Vista And in Windows 7 you will find many changes which were made by Microsoft to make them very different from Windows Xp.

And one change is that Microsoft has change the color of Back & Forward Button in Windows Explorer to blue,it looks very nice,But what if you wanna change its color with any other ??

Here is a portable application made by Vasanrulez @ Deviartant who had launched a small utility called Vista-7 Nav Button Colorizer.Which will put different color on your Back & Forward button.

As it is a portable application so you dont need to install it,just download and launch it and after that just move the slider left Or right to get your color,once you got your color just click on Apply Color button and it will restart your explorer.exe and you will see you new color.

you may use following link to download:-



P.S. This tool will works with Windows Vista and Windows 7


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