In Windows if you want to resize or delete any partition then you can do it very easily, To resize or format, or delete partition right on My computer and click on Manage.


Then in Computer Management windows click on Disk Management on left side pane and then you will get all your disk currently attached with your computer.


Just right click on any drive and select the desired action like format, delete, shrink or extend, and then go through the process.


If you had already has some unallocated space on your computer then you have to right click on any disk which you wanna extend and click on Extend Volume.


But sometime you might find that Extend option is greyed out, like in following screenshot.


Well this is a bug or limitation in Windows, In Windows you can use unallocated space to extend disk if your unallocated space is on your right, you cant use unallocated space of left side.

To solve this problem you can use third party app, like EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition, download and install it and then you will find all disk and unallocated space in it. Right click on disk and click on Resize/Move partition.


On the new windows move the slider to the corner of screen to resize it., then click on OK and finally on Apply and that’s it. Reboot your system to see changes.


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