Windows 7 comes with new Windows Media Player, Windows Media player 12, WMP12 has many new features and a new look which seems greate in Windows 7.

Do You know that WMP12 comes with 6 different library backgrounds but for some reason rest 5 background images are hidden and there is no option to change them easily.But here is the way by which you can give a new look to your Wmp12.

Here is the way:-

  • Open your registry editor by typing regedit in run command.
  • Now navigate to :-


  • Now in the right side pane look forĀ LibraryBackgroundImage entry.

  • By default you will see its value is set as 6 just double click on it and assign its value from 0 to 6.
  • Every value has different image,you will need to restart WMP12 after assigning any new value.For eg. i had assign its value 2 and got following background:-

  • If you want to set its default background image then set its value as 6.