If you had ever used Mac Mini or seen it then you must have love for it, its a small device which you just need to connect with a display and keyboard to get started, if you ever wants to get same thing with Windows then HP has something for you, in ongoing Consumer Electronic Show aka CES 2015 HP has announced Pavilion Mini which is bowl sized full-fledged machine which is powered by Windows 8.1.

HP Pavilion Mini

If you think what this small size device can do then you are just underestimating it,  under the hood it is powered by Intel Pentium or Core i3 processor, with up to 8GB of RAM and includes 1TB of storage. For connectivity it offers a Display Port, and a HDMI output, you can connect two monitors at a time, 4 USB 3.0 ports, an 3.5mm audio jack, an Ethernet port,

HP has said that this mini computer is power efficient, in general a desktop consume’s as much as 250 watts of energy but this Pavilion Mini consume’s only 45 watts of energy. Another thing which is its one of the USP also is that its a mobile friendly device and will not consume much of space of your desk.

Price of HP Pavilion Mini starts from $319 for the Pentium model with 4GB of RAM and 500 GB HDD.

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