Well as all you know that Apple has finally launched its tablet in India a couple of weeks ago, iPad is the one of the most stable tablet out there in market and has some nice features and look but still I think it will not repeat the US like Success again in India, Why lets see :-

No Video call

Many guys has asked me Why Apple Launched iPad So Late In India?, Well I think Apple was waiting for the launch of 3G in India and as some operators come up with 3G plans they launched it, but most people in India want to do Video calls from their phones/tablets if thy are on 3G, but there is no camera (no front view or rear view) in iPad so wont be able to do video calls from it or even record videos on it.

If you compare iPad with other tablets out there in market like Samsung Galaxy Tab then you will get video calling features on them.

Soon Become Outdated

As we had already told you that Apple is planning to launch iPad 2 in the first Quarter of 2011 and may be the will launch it this month so after that iPad will become outdated, So should you buy an product which will become outdated very soon.

No Video Streaming

Apple’s iPad doesn’t support Flash player means you cant stream videos on it, Many users in India like to watch songs, videos online which you cant do in it.

No Multitasking

You can do two or more things at once in iPad because it doesn’t support multitasking, Multitasking feature will be added in iPad 2.

No Craze Because Many Already Got Their Hands on It

In India there is no such craze which we saw in US, there were longs line at front of store but in India it was missing and why because many gadget lovers (like me) had already got their hands on it, Many people had got iPad via their relatives who lives in US or they had got it via some gray market like Gaffar Market in New Delhi.