I had managed to get my account on Google+ recently and was tweaking with it from past 2 days, It’s a nice place and I am enjoying it.

There was some occasions when I want to put same status both on Facebook and Google+ so I don’t want to post same thing twice, first on Google+ and then on Facebook.

So how you update your Facebook status via Google+, here is the way :-

  • Facebook allows you to update your status via an email, and Google+ allows you to share your status with all those peoples via email who are not the part of Google+,
  • So get your Facebook Email address from HERE,


  • Now login to your Google Plus account and then create a new circle and add your Facebook email address to it and do not add anything to it.
  • Name your Circle like Facebook and save it
  • Now while updating your status all you need to do is select you Facebook circle to post your status on Facebook.


  • That’s it, within few seconds your Google+ Status will be putted on Facebook



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