Friday, July 30, 2021

Norton Internet Security 2013 [Review]

Norton has released a new version of its Internet Security pack, let see what it has got and how powerful is it.

How To Encrypt Your Data Without Using Any Software

If you want to protect your data on computer by encrypting it but dont wanna install any new software then you can do this by using Windows in-built feature.

Dropbox Enabled 2 Step Verification

Dropbox has added an extra level of security for its user by enabling 2 Step Verification, which allows you to enter 6 digit code rather then just of password.

BitDefender Total Security 2013 [Detail Review]

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 comes with some nice features on both application and on web, but does it value for money app. Lets check it.

Avira Release Protection Cloud Beta

Day by day companies are starting using cloud protection, now Avira has step in and they has released the Beta version of there Could Protection tool

Download Desktop Tool Of VirusTotal [Unofficial]

VirusTotal is an nice online web service which allows to scan any file by uploading it, but now you can scan any file right from your desktop.

Most Common Passwords And PINs You Should Avoid

ESET has published some 25 most common passwords and pins used by people on their ATM, If you one of them then change it.

Detect And Remove Fake Anti-Virus From Your Computer Using Trend Micro Fake AV Remover

There are lots of Fake Anti Virus out there which can be downloaded and installed easily and its hard to detect them, Here is a easy to use tool to detect them.

Check Whether Your Computer Is Infected With Flamer Virus Or Not

Check whether your computer is infected with one of the most dangerous computer virus of history, Flamer or Flamy.

Stop Discontinuity Of Internet After 9 July 2012

Last Year several computers were infected by Fake DNS Changer Malware and changed DNS of lots of computers, if you are one of the inected people then change your DNS before 9 July 2012 or you will loss internet connectivity


Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Announced In India At Rs. 15,499; Has...

After so much of news and expectation, Samsung has launched its selfie camera phone, the Galaxy Grand Prime in India at the price tag...