Let say you want share a message with your friends or family member and want that message can be read only when all of them are available. This could be old movie scene where a safe can be opened only when two peoples are available with there keys.


Secret Sharp does the same but it takes this technique digitally. Here you can create a message and encrypt it behind some secret keys, let say 3, and that message can be displayed only when those 3 keys are entered.


Using Secret Sharp is very easy, just install it and launch, it will ask you to create a new secret and shares. It will ask how many shares needed to be created and at least how many shares are needed to decrypt that secret.


On next screen type your secret, you can show it as its been hidden behind asterisks by default, alternatively you have the program generated secret for you.


On next screen you will see shares which you just need to distribute those shares to your friends or family members.



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