Every second day you might hear about data being compromised or accounts being hacked. Nothing is worst than loosing your important and to make sure this is not going to happen, you have to make sure that you are using a top class security program which not only protects your data but also protects your online activities, eMails as well as your social media accounts, in total protects you from both online as well as offline threats.

Recently I got Eset Smart Security 8 to test and after using this online program for two months I can says its a good product which provides all type of security to the end user. In this Eset Smart Security 8 you will get Anti-Virus  anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-phishing which is integrated into your browser, two-way firewall, parental control and scanning of social media sites, like Facebook and twitter.

At this time most of security programs provides online storage, like Norton 360 (Review) 25GB of online storage, but Eset Smart Security doesn’t have any online storage option so that you can back up your important files over there.

Installation Of Eset Smart Security 8 :-

Installation of Eset Smart Security 8 is simple, in our test we downloaded latest version from Eset website but still after installing we have to download 100MB of updates. After downloading file, installation was simple and straightforward.

After installation when you first launch Eset Smart Security you will find a simple to use layout. On left side you will find some bunch of options and on right side you have more options for the items you have selected on left side.

When we first launch it it showed some critical issues, one was that our anti virus database is out of date, so we updated it, and then it again showed another issue which was that there were some System updates which were pending and it asked us to download and update our system, its a nice feature as very few security suites reminds you for pending updates.

Eset Smart Security 8 Home

On left side you will find options like Computer Scan which lets you scan your whole system, a particular drive or you can also scan your removable drive.

Update :- Here you can update Eset virus signature database or product itself.

Eset Smart Security 8 Tools

Setup :- Here you can enable or disable your security components like Real time file system, Anti-Theft, Gamer Mode, Firewall, botnet protection, antispam protection, anti phishing protection, parental control with some more options.

If you like to go in deep then you can click on Advance Setup and here you will find every single setting which you need in branched tree form. There are lots of settings which you can imagine, thankfully there is a search option which you like to find.

Eset Smart Security 8 Advance Tools

Anti Virus Test of Eset Smart Security 8 :-

We must say Eest Smart Security 8 has got one of the fast scanner available at this time, we tried to run a test on over 1,00,000 files and it did in just 15 minutes, then again we did tested on same files and here it look only 4-5 minutes which means that it leaves its fingerprints on files when it scans so that it can avoid scanning same files again if they haven’t changed.

While running scanning or other other task it didnt put any extra load on our CPU or made our system slow, which is a nice feature as most of the security program puts lots of load on CPU and make your system slow. In our test it also blocked good number of downloads which we were trying to download to test it.

Theft Control of Eset Smart Security 8 :-

If you are going to install Eest Smart Security 8 on your desktop then you are on safer side as it will never get stolen but if you are using laptop then you must enable it and once you enable Theft Control it will create a phantom Windows account and locked system only has access to this account only.

If your system got stolen then you can lock it from online portal also and when next time computer connects to internet it will reboots into phantom account, other accounts will be temporarily disabled.

You an either put a message on login window so that if someone find your laptop then he can contact you, Eset also secretly snap images of the person who try to login to system and track the location of it, all this can be accessed from online portal.

Firewall of Eset Smart Security 8 :-

Eset Smart Security 8 comes with solid firewall which blocks unwanted attacks from all ports and blocked all web based attacks. By default firewall grant permission to the programs by its own and in our test it allowed some bad programs also.

For further test we put it in interactive mode, in this mode it ask for permission for unknown programs, but sometime it ask permission for some common programs like Explorer.exe and rundll32.exe. To test firewall we launched some phishing websites, and it worked well, Eset Smart Security was able to block those websites.

I tried to turn off Eset Smart Security by going to its registry entries but they were protected, i tried to delete install files but they were protected as well.

Parental Control Of Eset Smart Security 8 :-

Here Eset Smart Security 8 block unwanted websites for the users, once you enable it, you have to provide the age for user and on the basis of age, it will determine which category should be blocked, it has 46 categories and y default, “Security and Malware” and “Criminal & Questionable” are blocked for all.

To get the list of all blocked website which user has tried to visit you can simply go to Tools -> Log Files, here you will see URL with time stamp and username.

AntiSpam of Eset Smart Security 8 :-

Eset Smart Security 8 comes with simple anti spam control, it integrated with your Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express. Here it mark a mail safe if sender is in your contact list, address which it find on your sent mails or to whom you regularly interact.

There are not so many settings with which you can play, however in our test some good message were dropped into spam folder, but i think its due to the lots of link in those mails.

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Eset Smart Security 8
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on June 7 2015
Rating: 4.0


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