Monday, June 1, 2020

Analyze PC Issues With Webroot System Analyzer

Many times we run into some of pc issue like its not responding properly, crashing on regular interval or it has become very slow. You might not notice many issue unless you...

Scan Open Firewall Ports With Free Port Scanner

Home users are the easiest target for hackers or trespassers, and if you are using DSL or broadband connection then you are on hit list as hackers find it easy to...

[TechnoArea Giveaway] Get A Chance To Win Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Here is a chance to win BitDefender Windows 8 Security Pack.

MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) 2.0 Beta Released

Microsoft has released the Beta version of its upcoming Anti-Virus and Anitspyware  Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta, You will receive regularly updates via Microsoft Updates, The full build in of the beta...

Block Zorpia Spam “This is pretty interesting/ I love this, how about you?” From...

Nowadays there are lots of Social Networking sites out there in which you can stay connected with your friends and keep updated about them, Now what happens when you join those sites...

Now Twitter Allows HTTPS Connection By Default

We had already told you that HTTPS connection is more secured, and we had also told you how to activate it on Gmail and use on Facebook And Twitter. But requires you...

Check Whether Your Computer Is Infected With Flamer Virus Or Not

Check whether your computer is infected with one of the most dangerous computer virus of history, Flamer or Flamy.

Password Potect Your WhatsApp With WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp is like everything nowadays for most of us, we use it to get connected with our friends and colleagues. WhatsApp is super easy to use and most important thing is...

How To Get Adobe Air Version Of TweetDeck Back

No doubt on that TweetDeck is one of the best Twitter client for Windows users. But as few months back when Twitter had acquired it, they had killed this...
Protect Your Wordpress Login Page

Protect WordPress Login Page with Htaccess

If you keep track on online news then you must know that in recent times there were many attacks on WordPress powered blogs and most of them are through either Brute...


Official LineageOS 15 Is All Set, Roll Out Will Begin Soon

No doubt, the successor of CyanogenMod, the LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM out there is running on thousands of devices and this...