Its very important to get a security suite for your computer, but nowadays you need a package which does more that just being a security suite. BitDefender Total Security is a good example of it, it protects your PC from  viruses, Worms, Trojan viruses, Rootkits, Bots, Spyware, protects your social networking accounts, 2-way firewall and has PC tuneup too. BitDefender is one of the top-performing security suite which we had recommended to you in past, now its more improved and can protects your computer from new web threats.

BitDefender Total Security 2015 Review :-


Its always been annoying when your security suite ask each and every things from you by making pop-ups, its been annoying that you are working and all of a sudden a pop-up comes and ask you to perform update or to delete a malware. BitDefender Total Security 2015 comes with Auto Pilot which silently and intelligently take actions without bothering you. In this mode it will scans your PC in background, fix if it find an broken file. Yes there is a option to turn off auto-pilot if you don’t like it.


You might know that on most of banking sites or other secure payment gateways you cant save your details so that next time it can be auto fill-up, but with BitDefender SafePay you can save your private information’s like banking details in secure wallet and next time it will wallet will auto-fill it for you, this feature wont work on any normal browser, this works on BitDefender own secure browser, SafePay only so there is no need to worry about your security. Safepay also protects you from fraud and phishing websites.


Taking backups of important files is very important nowadays as you don’t know what can happen next moment. BitDefender Total Security 2015 comes with Safebox which provides 2GG of online storage which you can use to take backups of your important documents, you can get additional space for $89.95 for 60GB per year, Safepay app is available for Android and iOS which means you can access your files on the go.


Parental Control is always a nice feature in BitDefender Total Security 2015 and now its much more improved, it allows you to monitor your kids activity and can control the web and can restrict your  kids access to particular web content. This feature allows you to blacklist apps, games and websites, email addresses from which you want to keep your kids safe. If your kids try to access any blocked content then they will get alert message.



BitDefender Total Security 2015 comes with a file encryption option which allows you to encrypt your important files and store them in a secure vault, this feature is dead simple and anyone can use it without any issue.


There is Device Anti-Theft feature which lets you locate your lost laptop from any internet enabled device and it also allows you to wipe all data from laptop, but to use this feature your laptop needs to connected with internet.

Beside this, BitDefender Total Security 2015 comes with some other useful features like :-

  • StartUp Optimizer :- This tool allows you to scan and look which startup program is enabled and making your pc startup slow, you can disable programs which are not required to be launched at every startup so that Windows startup speed can be gained.


  • Duplicate File remover :- In this, bitDefender Total Security 2015 scan you computer and looks for duplicate files and remove them so that you can get your preciouses space on your disk.
  • PC CleanUp :- This allows you to remove Windows cache, junk files, temporary files, error reporting files and so on.
  • Disk Fragmentation :- This allows you reduce fragments in your Windows PC disk for smoother pc performance.
  • OnceClick Optimizer :- As name suggest, it optimize your pc with just once click, it removes unnecessary files from your system make it work fast.


Final Verdict On BitDefender Total Security 2015 :-

BitDefender Total Security 2015 is a powerful security suite which has all important features, it can protect your offline data as well as online accounts too. If you had used previous version then you would feel improvement in its performance, its faster than before. We like its Wallet, Safepay, File Encryption and Anti-Theft feature. The downside of it is that it offers only 2GB of online space which is a bit less.

BitDefender Total Security 2015
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on August 18 2014
Rating: 4.5


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