Friday, July 30, 2021

Block Zorpia Spam “This is pretty interesting/ I love this, how about you?” From...

Nowadays there are lots of Social Networking sites out there in which you can stay connected with your friends and keep updated about them, Now what happens when you join those sites...

Create Encrypted Messages Which can be Decrypted By Combining Shares

Let say you want share a message with your friends or family member and want that message can be read only when all of them are available. This could be old...

[Review] BitDefender Internet Security 2014

Having a good security suite is must for all of us, day by day threats on internet are increasing and we must need to protect our data and system from them....

MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) 2.0 Beta Released

Microsoft has released the Beta version of its upcoming Anti-Virus and Anitspyware  Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta, You will receive regularly updates via Microsoft Updates, The full build in of the beta...

[How To] Enable Two Step Verification On Evernote

Nowadays Two-Step verification is become trend because its more secure as it provides an extra layer of security for your account. Earlier Google has enabled it on Gmail, then Dropbox too,...

Must Have WordPress Security Plugins

Here are some Wordpress plugins which will add another security layer on you blog and protects it.
Norton Security With Backup

Norton Security Premium Review

Symantec is always known for making the top of the line security products, last year we had seen around nine security suites from the company, but this year it seems company...
Eset Smart Security 8 Home

Eset Smart Security 8 Review

Every second day you might hear about data being compromised or accounts being hacked. Nothing is worst than loosing your important and to make sure this is not going to happen,...

Scan Open Firewall Ports With Free Port Scanner

Home users are the easiest target for hackers or trespassers, and if you are using DSL or broadband connection then you are on hit list as hackers find it easy to...

Analyze PC Issues With Webroot System Analyzer

Many times we run into some of pc issue like its not responding properly, crashing on regular interval or it has become very slow. You might not notice many issue unless you...


Change Facebook Login Page Background [Chrome Only]

Facebook is the largest social networking and most of use visit it many times in a day.I am sure most of are bored by...