Home users are the easiest target for hackers or trespassers, and if you are using DSL or broadband connection then you are on hit list as hackers find it easy to crack unsecured connections, you must be storing some personal or secure files which if hackers gain access then they can get benefit from it.

Free Port Scanning is a freeware program which cans all port on your network and helps you to identify open ports and services on your network so that you can take proper action on all open ports and make them close for attackers.


Its an light weight app and doesn’t consume much memory of you system. This app has a simple interface and you can find all necessary tools on upper side of it, however on lower part you will get scan results. In result it will show IP address, port name, number, Port status and description.

To start scan all you need to do is run this tool and click on Scan button, it will show a blue progress bar at bottom, scan can take several minutes to get completed, Once scan is done you will get results.

Those ports which has unchecked marked are the close one and you need not to take any action on them but if you find any checked one port then you have to review it and check you policies.

Overall this tool is quite good, it doesn’t secure your system in any ways but it do gives you a overview and let you secure your system before its too late by giving you a warning.

You can download Free Port Scanner from HERE.


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