Corona Virus or Covid-19 is one of the hot news nowadays, this deadly virus is spreading day by day in different parts of the world and we are seeing new cases every days from different parts of the world. WHO has already announced it as a pandemic alert. The Government has also issued an advisory and has undertaken steps restricting citizens to travel and alter mass gatherings. The main issue here is no specific vaccine to prevent COVID 19 but there are WHO approved protective measures that can help and prevent further transmission of the virus.

Bobble Stickers

To fight with this COVID19, AI powered keyboard Bobble has came up with an unique idea, company has developed a health-themed emoticons, and stickers to communicate precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19.

Bobble AI has adopted an engaging and impactful route to support the cause and deliver vital information on ways to fight coronavirus to reach everyone, company has released a set of stickers with a fundamental piece of information, which will allow users to not only aware of the precautions themselves but also educate others.

Bobble COVID19 Stickers

The stickers with guidelines are like washing of hands, stay home if you’re feeling sick, wear a mask, don’t shake hands and instead do “Namaste” are some of the key stickers which you will find here.

To further engage Bobble AI has also introduced an “BigMoji” – a long press on emoji technique to send a magnified version of emojis. BigMoji is backed by distinctive sounds resonating the mood of the person hence, being personalized. Specially customized to increase awareness around the virus, every emoticon comes with a word of precaution to fight COVID-19, enabling users to educate themselves and their loved ones.

Ankit Prasad, Founder, and CEO, Bobble AI said “It’s a crucial time for everyone where a word of precaution can help in saving many lives. We have used textual, visual and phonetic ways with this series of emoticons and stickers where we want users to practice measures like Namaste and Skyfives for the foreseeable future to stay safe in the current circumstances.”


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