It happens many times that we try to find an image on our Facebook account which we had seen few days before, if too trying to find such image then FBCacheView can help you a lot.

FBCacheView is a freeware and portable app which lets you view Facebook images which you had seen few days ago using the cache of your system. This tool let you view images like profile pictures, uploaded images and the images posted on your timeline.


Once you download it, just extract and run EXE file and within few seconds it will scan your system and shows images.

Once you select an URL it will display image in lower side pane, it allows you to save any Facebook image URL into your system, it also allows you to save all entries as HTML report and then copy them into plain text.

This tool shows following details :-

  • URL: The URL of the image on Facebook.
  • Web Browser: The Web browser that stores the specified Facebook image file in the cache.
  • Image Type: The type of the image: Profile image, uploaded image, or external image taken from another Web site. For ‘External Image’ type, the original URL of the image is displayed on ‘External URL’ column.
  • Image Time: The date/time of the image as returned by the Web server of Facebook. This column usually represents the time that the image was uploaded to Facebook.
  • Browsing Time: The last time that the specified Facebook image was loaded by your Web browser.
  • File Size: The file size of the image.
  • Filename: The full path of the image filename in the cache of your Web browser.

This tool works on Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You have to note that if you clear your browser cache then this tool wont work, and also to view images you have to close your running browser as it wont read cache if browser is opened up.



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