Usually we all open same applications when we sit on computer.Very rarely we switch to any other app for our daily work.

If you also opens same files or folders then here is a app which will helps you to launch those files and folders quickly.

Quick Cliq is a portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool.

Quick Cliq speeds up your daily computer activities by giving you links to folders, files, programs, URLs and command line operations. It also offers window management, extreme clipboard manipulation, and note taking capabilities. All of this is provided in a compact menu that you can show anywhere and within any application or window through customizable hot keys and mouse gestures.

You can access your files or folders just right click on the icon on system tray or press Win + Z on keyboard.

It will show your favorite items on top then recent clips, Windows, Memos.

To add your folder in it just click on Add/Change option and then first select Items, Menu Or Separ from Create menu and then just choose the shortcut.


Features Of Quick Cliq :-

  • Easy and quick access to folders, files, programs, links, e-mail templates, and  command line operations
  • Hide and show windows
  • 9 extra clipboards – with advanced editing functions
  • Memos hold commonly used text that can be sent to an active window or placed on the clipboard
  • Unlimited number of shortcuts and menus available that are fully customizable
  • Unlimited number of things you can run in a moment from just one shortcut!
  • Customizable Hot keys and Mouse Gestures for each feature

It runs on Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You may use following link to download it :-

Download Link

More Info


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