Microsoft has improved Aero feature in Windows 7 which they had introduced in Windows Vista, we had already covered many utilities which allows you to tweak with your Aero UI.

Now we are here with another cool utility which allows you to do some more tweak with your Windows 7 UI, AeroTuner is an portable utility which doesn’t do a lot and change whole UI but it adds 2 colors in Windows Aero Engine.

It allows you to customize Aero Balance, Blur Balance, Color Balance and Aero Strips, this utility is very simple to use and anyone can use it.

When you launch it you will see a window like below, and the you will see some option and a horizontal line on which you have to drag and set your desired value.


Color box is given on the window which allows you to see how your changes will look like so that you get an idea before making any changes.

You can use your Control panel too but AeroTuner gives you more freedom to tweak and customize your Aero UI.

It also allows you to add transparency, if you wanna add then just check it, Once you are done just save it and it will make desired changes in your registry and you are done.