Back in October Microsoft has released an app under its Garage project, the Torque for Android Wear which was actually an alternative of Ok Google and it lets you perform task from your voice command, just like you do with your Ok Google. You have the option of activating it flick of your wrist, as soon as it detect flick of your wrist then it get activated and let’s you perform voice search, it uses Bing search to show results to you.

Torque Android App

Now this app has been released for Android smartphone’s as well and it lets you perform voice search’s with the flick of your phone, you can use Torque to perform searches like Sports news, weather, calculator, local business search, nearby restaurants, flights status and so on. You can head over to Google Play store and download this free app, once downloaded and installed you need to sign-in with your Outlook or Hotmail account to get started.

Once you are ready to use app, just shake your phone on unlock mode and a floating widget will appear on screen which waits for your voice command. In our test this app worked fine and we didnt faced any issue with it.

This app can be seen as a move from Microsoft under which company is making products for other platform’s as well, earlier we had seen that Microsoft has made its popular.Net Framework Open Source and this all is done under the leadership of Satya Nadella


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