Microsoft has added Aero feature in Windows Vista and continue it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 which is loved by lots of people, it provides a transparent look to your window.

In past we had shared Mirro Player and and Aero Media Player which provides you aero effect while listening your favorite songs.

Now we are going to share another cool aero media player, Aero Glass MP3 Player created by guru5star @ DA, this media player work only on Windows 7 machine.

It comes with all basic features of any media player, you can create and save list, open list and so on, while using it you will get full Aero effect on it.

On screen you will find Song Title name, Artist Name, Time and Bit rate, and Album art too, on the other hand on task bar you will be able to view Album Art too which looks good.


You must have  .Net Framework 4 before using it.



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