Many times we want to block websites so that other who are using same computer wont be able to access them, but many times blocking is not a good idea for you, and you might want to redirect that website, in this instead of blocking you are guiding that when some enter one URL he will be taken to other site instead of original one.

Let take an example, Suppose you wanna redirect Facebook.Com to Google.Com on your home computer so that your kids wont be able to access it. So when your kids type on browser address bar then instead of getting Facebook login page they will get Google Search page.

To do this we are going to edit our Host file which we used to block websites too. Run any text editor of your choice as Administrator rights and then open Host File which will be in %WinDir%System32DriversEtc.

Now at the end of this file we are going to add some line, but before that we need IP address of that website where we are going to redirect our original page, like Google in our example and for this we gonna use command prompt, type CMD in your run command and you will get command prompt window, just type :-



Replace Google with your website, it will show you a IP address in bracket, just copy it and go back to your Host file and at the end add a line like :-

Here we gonna put IP address of that website where we wanna redirect web page and then address of that website which we want to redirect.


Now open your web browser and test it, you will see that its been redirecting your page. If its not working or showing some error then clear your browser catch and cookies and restart browser and try again it will work.


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