Sometime we are not using our computer but also don’t wanna shut down it due to some reason, like sometime I like to enjoy videos on computer by locking it so that if accidently my hand hits keyboard then it wont affect video.

You can use windows default Win Key + L to lock your screen but in that state you wont be able to see whats going on the screen.

If you wanna keep eye on the download on your machine while locking it then here is a awesome tool called ClearLock.

It makes your logon screen transparent or see through and you can enjoy your videos, watch how much your download is left and so on.


The above is the screenshot of locked mode by using ClearLock, It a very tiny app all you need to do is just download it and extract it, then launch the application it will ask for a password for the first time, just provide it and voila! you are done.

If you enter incorrect password 3 times then you wont be allowed to login for next 5 minutes, after that you can do.

If you forgot your password then don’t worry just delete that .ini file presents in the folder and you can now set new password again.

You may use following to download it :-



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