If you ever had used Mac OS X the you must know how easy is to automate folder actions on it, but same thing is missing on Windows PC.

Folder Action For Windows brings same functionality to your Windows PC, with this app you can perform certain pre-defined actions on your like copy, move, batch rename, convert, compress, and so on by just dragging and dropping files over the folder.

Let say you want to convert images, so for that first add a folder and define the settings for your images, then just drag and drop images over the folder and your images will be converted and will be stored in a sub-folder.


You can add multiple folders for multiple actions, this application allows you to perform following tasks :-

  • Show a new file alert, copy or move files
  • Rename files
  • Convert image files (bmp, jpg, tif, gif, png)
  • Convert audio files (wav, mp3, etc.)
  • Convert video files (avi, flv, etc.)
  • Compress or decompress files (zip, 7z, etc.)
  • Perform a user-defined action*


[*] *User-defined action is the most powerful feature. It will allow you to implement virtually any file processing using Windows batch (.bat) files.